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Bliss Tree

Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil - Extra Virgin & Full Wooden

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Make your food more tasty and nutritious with Bliss Tree Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (also known as gingelly or til oil) extracted from organically grown Sesame seeds by simply crushing. This oil is completely pure with no additives or chemicals.  It contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, omega 3, omega 6 and vitamins. Use this oil as part of your daily diet for its potential health benefits.

What's unique about Bliss Tree Cold-Pressed Oils? We always use high-quality raw materials to extract oils. Most importantly, the machines used are entirely made of wood i.e., both Ulakkai (upper rod) and Ural (bottom cylinder) made out of country wood. No stone or stainless parts are used. This ensures the temperature of the oil doesn't exceed 50 degree celsius, keeping the oil truly "wooden cold-pressed" while retaining all essential nutrients and flavor are retained. Moreover, the suspended particles are removed by natural sedimentation i.e., let the oil sit under the sun for about 4 days allowing the suspended particles to settle down at the bottom and manually collect the oil from the top. That's the reason we cannot produce this oil in large quantities and also for the translucent look rather than being transparent.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds, Palm Jaggery, Water. Contains no molasses or sugarcane jaggery. 

Allergen Advice: This product was processed in a facility that also processes wheat, milk, peanuts, sesame seeds and tree nuts.